The company Slobozansky product takes a strong position on the food market. Due to the high professionalism and employees coordination, the company positions on the market as a reliable and responsible partner. Our company produces fat products and ingredients for producers of bakery, confectionary and milk products.

   We are a contemporary and rapidly developing company, which main principles are high professionalism, responsibility and reliability. The base of our work is stability and responsibility.



Mission: To provide the public a quality product at an affordable price.

Objective: To reach high financial results and at the same time to contribute significantly in the society. And for this aim we have a solidary team, high product facilities and above all- we do love everything we do.


Product advantages of TM “Dary solnca”:

  • proper use of high-quality vegetable fats and refined deodorized oils and their compositions has helped to get useful products, which corresponds to modern concepts of healthy eating;
  • contain a composition of specially selected emulsifiers to provide the required functionality of finished products;
  • a wide range allows you to choose an optimal product at the price and properties according to your requirements;
  • the main advantage of using margarine TM ” Dary solnca ” is the ability to produce margarines for individual orders;
  • our products do not contain GMO;
  • for your convenience, we have the available packaging margarine monolith of 10 and 20 kg.